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Is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent or a recreational vehicle . Typically participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. The night (or more) spent outdoors distinguishes camping from day-tripping picnicking , and other similarly short-term recreational activities. Camping as a recreational activity became popular among elites in the early 20th century. With time, it grew in popularity among other socioeconomic classes. Modern campers frequent publicly owned natural resources such as national and state parks wilderness areas , and commercial campgrounds Where raccoons are known to inhabit. It is best avoid leaving bits of food around for them to snack on. If you should have raccoons visit it is best to have racoon removal ideas in place to keep these furry critters away. Camping is a key part of many youth organizations around the world, such as Scouting , which use it to teach both self-reliance and teamwork.


Camping in Ontario , circa 1907 Camping describes a range of activities and approaches to outdoor accommodation.

Survivalist campers set off with as little as possible to get by, whereas recreational vehicle travelers arrive equipped with their own electricity, heat, and patio furniture. Camping may be combined with hiking , as in backpacking , and is often enjoyed in conjunction with other outdoor activities such as canoeing climbing fishing , and hunting Fastpacking involves both running and camping.

There is no universally held definition of what is and what is not camping. Just as with motels

primitive camping

Primitive Camping

Many state parks provide primitive campgrounds for those who enjoy secluded areas. Primitive campgrounds are areas designated for camping that have limited improvements such as a fire ring, cleared or partially cleared sites for tent camping, and if possible, potable water.

, which serve both recreational and business guests, the same campground may serve recreational campers, migrant workers, and homeless at the same time. Fundamentally, it reflects a combination of intent and the nature of activities involved. A children’s summer camp with dining hall meals and bunkhouse accommodations may have “camp” in its name but fails to reflect the spirit and form of “camping” as it is broadly understood. Similarly, a homeless person’s lifestyle may involve many common camping activities, such as sleeping out and preparing meals over a fire , but fails to reflect the elective nature and pursuit of spirit rejuvenation that are integral aspect of camping. Likewise, cultures with itinerant lifestyles or lack of permanent dwellings cannot be said to be “camping”, it is just their way of life.


Seelammi lean-to in Lapakisto, Lahti Finland Camping as part of mountaineering Different types camping may be named after their form of transportation, such as with Canoe camping , car camping, RVing , and backpacking , which can involve ultralight gear.

Camping is also labeled by lifestyle:


glamping in England

(glamorous camping) combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or hotel, and has its roots are in the early 1900s European and American safaris in Africa.

Workamping allows campers to trade their labor variously for discounts on campsite fees, campground utilities, and even some degree of pay.

Migrant camps are formed not for recreation, but as a temporary housing arrangement. Campgrounds for custom harvesters in the United States may include room to park combines and other large farm equipment.

Another way of describing camping is by the manner of arrangement: reservation camping vs. drop camping. Campgrounds may require campers to check in with an employee or campground host prior to setting up camp, or they may allow “drop camping,” where this is not required. Drop-in campsites may be free or a drop-box may be provided to accept payments on the honor system . Although drop camping is often specifically allowed by law, it may also exist in a legal grey area , such as at California’s Slab City Social media-oriented towards drop camping provides information on recent police enforcement, campsite quality, cost, and length-of-stay requirements.

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